Now in stock - Badger Stynylrez primers

We now have in stock the highly acclaimed Stynylrez acrylic primers from Badger. Available in six colours, this primer offers great adhesion, self-levelling properties, and is fast drying and sandable.



  • SNR201: WHITE primer 2oz/60ml
  • SNR202: GRAY primer 2oz/60ml
  • SNR203: BLACK primer 2oz/60ml
  • SNR204: RED BROWN primer 2oz/60ml
  • SNR205: OLIVE GREEN primer 2oz/60ml BO
  • SNR206: NEUTRAL YELLOW primer 2oz/60ml
  • SNR210: primer 3-pack (WHITE,GRAY,BLACK) 2oz/60ml
  • SNR401: WHITE primer 4oz/120ml
  • SNR402: GRAY primer 4oz/60ml
  • SNR403: BLACK primer 4oz/120ml
  • SNR404: RED BROWN primer 4oz/120ml
  • SNR405: OLIVE GREEN primer 4oz/120ml
  • SNR406: NEUTRAL YELLOW primer 4oz/120ml
  • SNR410: primer 3-pack (WHITE,GRAY,BLACK)4oz/120ml



» Simple and easy application
» Self leveling detail enhancing coverage
» Excellent adhesion and durability
» Dries to hard flat finish
» For use on plastics, metals, woods, resin, various other substrates
» Applicable with brush, airbrush, sponge
» Safe waterbase formulation
» Simple and easy clean up

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